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The value and the effectiveness of our work can also be measured in terms of clients’ satisfaction and matters brought to success.
We are glad to share with you a few examples to proudly witness our activity in support of our clients.
•         General Cooperation Agreement for a leading aircraft manufacturer with a Chinese large operator. Value of the deal +100 million euro.
•         Purchase and development of a luxury resort in Tuscany on behalf of a foreign company investing in Italy. Value of the deal + 30 million euro.
•         Win in a Swiss arbitration for a US corporation on international trade and product liability issue. Won 1.3 million $
•         Ongoing assistance and consultation for US top Universities in Italy on contracts, relations with Italian institutions, negotiations, site development and litigation.
•         Assistance to Finnish energy multinational in their presence on the Italian market.
•         Management of a 200 trademarks and designs portfolio for Italian and foreign companies in the fields of high line jewelry, toys, food, fashion, aviation.
•         Legal and business coordination for a no profit project in the south of Italy. Value of the deal + 9 million euro.
“Our reasons for selecting Giovanni Scognamiglio and his firm are based upon a shared philosophy of finding solutions to all problems through honest and forthright negotiations, but a willingness to stand firm when necessary. Giovanni and his team not only have a keen sense of the legal aspects of doing business in the Campania Region, but understand the local, cultural and business issues surrounding the area. Today,  Studio Legale Scognamiglio represents us in Campania, Italy and Europe for all matters concerning, legal, contractual, cultural and strategic surrounding our relationships with our Co-Packers and suppliers. We can confidently state there is no better firm for our needs.”
Matt Maslowski, President and CEO Mangia Inc. USA