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A. Raffaele Cirillo

T:+ 39 081 551 55 58

Raffaele Cirillo


He graduated with honors in Economics and Business, with a Business Administration Master degree. He has worked in Milan in the IRI group and then in Naples in the Cirio group. He later worked for Cragnotti & Partners in Rome in 1997 as the "Subsidiaries Controller" for the groups external companies, including the football company Società Sportiva Lazio Calcio, where he was part of the team who was involved in the first listing on the stock exchange of a football club in Italy.
In 2001 he moved to London to the headquarters of the Gruppo del Monte becoming their Corporate Controller before moving in 2003 to Valencia in Spain to the company Rio Verde Carton SA.
Areas of activity

In 2006 he joined the Scognamiglio Law Firm. He deals with corporate management, the sports industry and the control of undertakings (cost management, risk management, budgeting and human resource management). He also advises on affordability, marketing strategies, corporate finance and the management of information systems.