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Intellectual Property


 "A name does not really exist, as it is not given in nature: each name carries a certain element of fate."

Tommaso Landolfi

Just like the name, the brand is a distinctive element of a company. Although often underestimated, the protection of trademarks is essential for companies whishing to expand into foreign markets.

The Scognamiglio Law Firm is one of the very few firms in Campania that for years has been dealing with industrial and intellectual property law. We assist our clients from the preparatory stages of a trademark application to the protection of their intellectual property rights in cross-border litigation.

Our experienced team supports clients with the registration and protection of trademarks, patents, utility models, ornamental patterns & designs at a national, European and international level. We also assist clients with technology transfer, anti-counterfeiting, customs supervision, customs procedures and industrial espionage issues. We have extensive experience in licensing related contracts, sponsorships, promotional activities, franchising and more generally in all matters relating to intangible assets.