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Finnish Sauna installed in the five stars hotel Ex- Convento Santa Lucia del 18/02/2016


8 million euro have been spent on buying and it would be necessary around 30 million on the restoration proyect.

A large restoration project within “Convento Santa Lucia” in Lastra a Signa.

In the next months, the restoration work could be initiated in the Franciscan friars antique palace which has been closed for many years.  So many people remember when, twenty years ago, some groups of religious occupied the convent premises. The palace was used for religious retreats, catechism and recreational activities, even including a little “pizza restaurant”. After last friar’s death the palace remained closed. Since then, several initiatives and projects have been launched to revalue and promote the building. However, no agreement was reached.

At this moment, the complex has been acquired by a Finnish holding, the Em Group of the Miettinen family who manages in their country a big network properties. The transaction was held through the lawyer Giovanni Scognamiglio- founder of the homonymous law firm - who has been nominated managing director of Santa Lucia Srl,  the company created for managing the operation.

“The project is ready- explained the lawyer- and we are now sharing the project with the city council, the region and the superintendency. The objective is to close the authorization process at the end of April, and then, carry out the work for the Five Stars luxury hotel accomplishment, which is going to include Spa and wellness programs. The company has already invested 8€ million on the property purchase and the recovery project, the total amount for this project is going to be 30 million of euro”

On the business front, this new hotel will have 60 suites,  one Spa with 2000 square meters, a wellness Center and four hectares of outdoor spaces, surrounded by forests and gardens “trails created by priests will be recuperated- explained Scognamiglio- but also the orchard and pedestrian link up to Villa Caruso Bellosguardo that existed since ancient times. The complex will be open not just for the hotel guests, but also for all the residents in the area and  also for anyone who wants to enjoy the Wellness Center, the restaurant, the culinary initiatives and other activities organized”. The Saints Lucia and Michelle convent at Monte Orlando –placed on the San Martino’s hill- and the annexed church, date back to the beginning of the 12th century, and have been expanded between the 17th and the 18th centuries.